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We are a local family-owned and operated roofing contractor with a customer service-based foundation for homeowners and property owners in Raleigh and the surrounding areas. We have decades of experience in residential and commercial roof installation, replacement, and repair, and we treat every project with the unique care and attention it deserves. We can handle whatever you need, from a residential shingle roof replacement all the way up to commercial metal roof systems. to make things even easier, we also offer gutter and siding installation services- at Apal Roofing Company we are truly your go-to roof and exterior experts.

Our focus from the very beginning of a project is the customer. Your goals are our goals, and our top priority is providing roofing and home solutions that not only work but exceed your expectations.

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Quality Roofing Guaranteed

At Apal Roofing Company quality customer service is not just our mission, it's our guarantee. We are dedicated to putting your needs first and providing an unmatched level of service. We have decades of knowledge and expertise and only use the highest quality professional materials for your roofing project. And we promise the service doesn't stop when the job is finished- if you require any post-job maintenance or inspections, give us a quick call and we're happy to take care of it. That's why we have been the most trusted roofing contractor in Raleigh and the surrounding areas for twenty years.

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Our Complete Services

Apal Roofing Company is proud to offer a variety of services for all your roofing and exterior needs, from roof installation and repair to siding, storm damage repair, window replacement, and more. Whether you need a minor roofing repair or major roofing replacement for your home or business, we have got you covered. Our offered services include:

Why Customers Trust Apal Roofing

Raleigh Roofing Contractors For 17 Years & Counting

A Raleigh Local & Family-Owned Business

Our Customers Are Our #1 Priority

We Maintain The Roof Over Your Head

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Frequently Asked Questions

Roofing materials come in many different styles and at many different prices. The style of your home and your budget are the two main considerations to take when planning for a new roof. Luckily, we have years of experience helping customers like you make the best decision. We frequently work with some of the most popular roofing choices, including asphalt shingles, cedar shake roofing, and metal roofing.

Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roofing material due to their affordability, functionality, and low maintenance. Shingles also come in a wide selection of colors and textures. Cedar shake roofs are made from cedar woods and give homes an attractive rustic look. Metal roofs are incredibly sturdy and are far less likely to be punctured or damaged by hail than other materials. Metal roofs also boast an average lifespan of 50 years or more.

Whichever roofing material you are interested in, you can be confident that Apal Roofing Company can answer all your questions.

How do you know whether you can repair your roof instead of ordering a full roof replacement? While these services might seem similar, the two processes are completely different. Roof replacement refers to the process of taking down your old roof and installing a brand new one, while simpler roof repair consists of patching minor leaks or repairing a few damaged shingles.

Still not sure what you need? Call us to schedule a free roof inspection. Our highly trained roofing contractor team can offer professional advice after checking every inch of your roof.

When deciding on the right kind of windows, energy efficiency is the biggest topic of concern for most people today. The US Department of Energy has estimated that almost 30% of a home's energy can escape through poorly insulated windows. High-quality and professionally installed windows can effectively cut down on your energy bills, making them an important investment over time.

Our teams consist of experienced professional commercial roofers that have experience with all standard commercial roofing systems. We can work with flat roof membranes like TPO and EPDM, shingle roofs, and metal roof options, among others. We stock a wide range of different commercial roofing options for our clients so that we can provide you with whatever you need for your commercial project. We offer commercial roof repair, installation, and replacement and have years of experience with each of these processes.

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