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Improving Your Home’s Attic Ventilation

Improving Your Homes Attic Ventilation

If you notice any moisture or mold growing up there, chances are good they’re due to lack of proper insulation and/or inadequate ventilation.

Your attic space should never go unnoticed because it’s an integral part of the entire roofing structure – a crucial component when deciding whether or not repairs need to be done on other areas of your roofing system.

Think your attic ventilation is not up to scratch? Here are a few ways that you can improve the ventilation in your attic:

Soffit Vents

Soffit vents are known as intake vents. These intake vents help regulate air movement in your roof and attic by allowing air outside to enter your home.

As the name describes, the vents are fitted into the soffits of your roofing system. These vents come in many shapes and sizes; the size of your soffit will determine the type of vent that you can install.

Rectangular vents are the most common type of soffit vent. These can be installed on multiple spots on your soffit to allow air ventilation from multiple directions.

Roof Vents

A roof vent is a type of exhaust vent that regulates the airflow in your attic. Roof vents are usually situated near the edge of roofs, and their typical shape can be described as a spherical model with lightweight fan blades.

Although some people don’t like how they look, these vents do an excellent job at getting rid of any hot, stuffy air from your home.


Skylights are a beautiful addition to any roofing system. Not only do they increase natural light in your home, but they also assist with keeping your attic well ventilated.

You can open and close them depending on whether on the environment within your attic. However, skylights need to be installed by a professional roofer, as they tend to cause leaks in your home.

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